Al Ameen Group is a store fixture, Store Digital Display, Exterior Sign & Large Format Printing specialist serving global retail clients. Its niche is in building consistent customized store fixtures & Display Unit that are manufactured in large quantities and shipped for assembly in their clients’ stores anywhere in the world. Founded in 1997,

Al Ameen Group was formed in Dubai, China in 1997. Since then it has quickly gained a reputation as a leading supplier of retail solutions & Marketing tools.  Its work is both innovative and high quality.

With a staff of over 250, the manufacturing team are expert at understanding retailers’ needs and providing high quality – great value solutions. With modern factory space and machinery, the manufacturing is split into two teams – Metal and Joinery.

Al Ameen group globally and has rolled out more than 1000 retail stores across 20 countries. It owns over 20,000 square feet of wood-and-metal manufacturing and warehousing facilities in UAE, as well as a partner facility in China & India.

A strong R&D team, a sampling team and highly experienced engineers and support staff, supports these teams.

The factory is situated on a stand-alone 20,000 Mt2 site in Dubai & Sharjah, UAE.

There our highly experienced team operate modern equipment including

  • Fiber Laser machines
  • CNC Machines
  • Welding Manipulators
  • Laser cutting machines for Sheets and Tubes
  • Panel cutting and bonding machines
  • Edging machines
  • Wood leg Design machines
  • Spray Rooms
  • An automated powder coat line
  • An automated profile rolling line
  • Acrylic bending machines
  • Digital Printer