Research And Development

Since 800SIGN’s inception there has been a strong focus on investing in Research and Development.

It has always been understood that to succeed and to be a long-term partner with our customers that R&D needed to be top of mind. This was from a quality improvement point of view, as well as continually investigating new materials or new manufacturing techniques.

Today, 800SIGN has a large and experienced R&D team, with experts from machinery, through to material specialists in metal, wood and plastic.

This team has an international vision, attending fairs both globally and within China.

800SIGN also see cost saving as a key priority and are always exploring materials that will save their clients’ money.

Best practice testing and evaluation protocols are always used and the team has built a great reputation for stringent checking and project management.

The team has also driven great new innovations. These include:

  • A truly innovative new modular system that does away with screws, Allen keys and frustration! Using a new patented turn and click system the CLICK solution allows for wall and display systems to be easily built and then altered to fit your needs. Tough and able to cope with most merchandising needs CLICK is available from 800SIGN today. For a video demonstrating CLICK press here…
  • V-Lite and H-Lite. Providing great new vertical and horizontal lighting solutions that allow you to have lighting on the shelf right next to the point of purchase. The special feature of the V-Lite and H-Lite systems are that they have no wires to look unsightly or to tangle with the merchandise! For more information press here …..
  • SLIM EDGE. This brings you the best in V-Lite and H-Lite in a new graceful shelving system. This suits stores where style is a must. For more information just press here….